Artisan food seasoning
Vecchio Moro Balsamico

Artisanal Balsamic – food condiment / Sugar: brix 55°-57° total acidity in vol 4.8-6%
Ingredient: 100% grape's must from the Reggio Emilia province, without caramel, colourant and thickeners
Production: slow cooking of the grape's must with direct heat in Traditional way. Natural oxidation for 1 year in oak barrique. Ageing in medium sized barrels (100-60-50 litres) of 3 different kind of woods (oak, chestnut, ash). Refilling  with solera method. Tasting Note: dark brown colour. Aroma of cooked fruit, jam, dried plum. Low acidity and taste sweet at the beginning with acidity/sour perception at the end of the taste.
Clean final taste with wooden aroma. Food pairing: salad and grilled vegetables. Fresh cheeses, goat cheese and ricotta. Pork and veal meat. Lobster and fried potatoes.

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